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  The history of the Ronca winery is not the traditional story of land handed down from father to son for generations, but it is nevertheless linked to what it …


Since the winery was founded, the idea, to which all people working in the company follow, is to produce grapes and wines reflecting and respecting the beautiful territory we are …


You probably find it strange to find a page dedicated to a cap in the About Us section of our website. In fact you will find many of our products …

Some data about Ronca winery
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News and Curiosity

Merano WineFestival

Se cerchi il meglio del vino e della culinaria, lo trovai al MERANO WINE FESTIVAL Il WineHunter Award ROSSO, GOLD e PLATINUM è il marchio di qualità che le commissioni …

Vinetia 2018

Sembra che il Venerdì 17 sia un giorno meraviglioso! Il nostro Custoza Superiore viene diplomato dalla guida Vinetia dell’AIS con il massimo dei voti (in questo caso dei rosoni). Al …